Nottingham Forest winger will NOT be staying

Martin O’Neill will not be initiating the clause for Nottingham Forest winger Diogo Gonçalves to stay after season ends… thus allowing Diogo to return to his parent club Benfica

Nottingham Forest winger Diogo Gonçalves has had only a handful of opportunities at Forest to prove himself and has proven unwilling to compete in the championship.

Diogo António Cupido Gonçalves is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as either a forward or a winger for English club Nottingham Forest, on loan from Benfica, and the Portugal under-21 team.

Martin O’Neill has only featured young Portuguese talent Diogo Gonçalves once in his 3 months of managing Nottingham Forest since January.

Diogo showed glimpses of his pacey and dribbling abilities and was shown as surplus to requirements at the City Ground for a while. After the departure of Gil Dias, Diogo looked next to depart after a failed attempt at breaking through to Forest’s first team squad. But instead he decided to ‘play’ out his contract until the end of the season with Nottingham Forest star Joao Carvalho by his side, who was also taken on by the English giants (Nottingham Forest) from Benfica.

According to “Football Insider” media outlet talked on this notion. “O Nottingham Forest não vai acionar a cláusula de opção de compra por Diogo Gonçalves, pelo que o jogador vai ficar nas mãos de Bruno Lage” which translates to “Nottingham Forest will not trigger the option clause by Diogo Gonçalves, so the player will be in the hands of Bruno Lage.” This shows the young talents move to the English Football giants Nottingham Forest was a poor decision and a failed attempt at what was considered as a good opportunity to spice some flare into the tough English football league.

Martin O’Neill finally get’s it right


As Nottingham Forest went away from a brilliant win against Middlesbrough on a hot Saturday Martin O’Neill can now be seen as the man to take on ambitious Nottingham Forest.

Martin O’Neill on getting it right

After a win to Middlesbrough (3-0 easily), Nottingham Forest manager Martin O’Neill was praised greatly by supporters and pundits around who were there to witness the terrific display that unfolded at the City Ground.

O’Neill set the 11 up in a 3-4-2-1 formation, which subsequently proved to be the best decision O’Neill has made since joining the reds 3 months ago.

Nottingham Forest best line-up of the season

The formation consisted of three central defenders Jack Robinson, Mulla Wague, and Alex Milosevic. Ben Osborn and Matty Cash would operate down the left and right wing giving them the roll of left and right wing backs. Pele and Ryan Yates would cover the middle of the field and also acting as CDM’s operating in front of the back three if viscous counter attacks from the opposition (Middlesbrough) were to occur.

Martin O’Neill had never set his Nottingham Forest side up in this formation before but the players in red quickly got used to the formation. Where the real magic happened included in the top two attacking positions, which were played by young Portuguese talent João Carvalho and Joe Lolley. When O’Neill set the two creative minded players in the positions that lay behind the leading striker, Martin was giving them the free roam function of the team, this subsequently allowed the two to express there inner abilities which shun out throughout the game.

João Carvalho was undoubtedly the stare man. João would run at defenders challenging them and eventually getting into goal scoring opportunities where he would unselfishly lay the ball of to one of his team mates, which was what occurred in the second half and that was what got Forest the amazing lead of three nil. This occurrence being the slick motion and Skill set used by Carvalho which brought him by defender after defender ultimately giving Carvalho the pass to seal of the game at 3-0 as Joe Lolley strikes the ball and hits the back of the net for a second time of the game.

Martin O’Neill will probably continue to rotate the squad and formation as he has proven in games before. Meaning the possibility of O’Neill playing this formation and style of play before the end of the season is quite slim.

All-n-All a terrific performance from the reds and a terrific decision from Nottingham Forest ex-player, manager and legend Martin O’Neill.

Nottingham Forest’s best game of the season

During a hot day on the 22nd pf April Nottingham Forest bet Middlesbrough 3-0. Nottingham Forest undoubtedly was the better team on what was classed as an extremely important game against a strong Middlesbrough side.

On a very warm Monday, Nottingham Forest faced Middlebrough at the City Ground. The game was an all important meeting between the two sides as Middlesbrough urgently needed a must have 3 points to edge them closer to a play-off spot and Nottingham Forest scrambling for a win after 4 consecutive loses.

Nottingham Forest opened up the scoring sheet with a penalty which came from Nottingham Forest’ striker Karim Ansarifard who made a darting run into middlesbrough’s box and was then brought down by a defender to what looked like a goal scoring opportunity. When the referee called for a penalty Joe Lolley stepped up to take the penalty. Lolley nestled the ball into the back of the net making it 1-0 to Nottingham Forest.

Nottingham Forest’s 15 million euro player João Carvalho after a brilliant assist for Joe Lolley making the game 3-0 to a brilliant Nottingham Forest side.

In the second half Nottingham Forest dominated the game by a mile. Forest began to open up space for themselves which would in turn allow them to kill of the game at three nil against a very strong Middlesbrough side. Alex Milosevic smashed in the second for Forest and subsequently after another hit the net due to a great assist from man of the match João Carvalho which was scored by Joe Lolley netting his second of the game and 10th of the season.